This spectral creature damages structures with vicious melee attacks, and when a structure reaches critical health, the Conjured Apparition uses its entire body to phase through the building, releasing energy from within and executing the structure.
  • When executing a structure the damage per attack is multiplied by 4
  • A structure will be executed when its remaining health is 4x the damage per attack of the wraith, or less
  • Executing a structure only damages that structure (no splash damage)


Barracks level: 31
Favorite target: Any
Damage type: Melee
Targets: Ground
Housing space: 30
Category: Mage
Training time: 20m
Movement speed: 10.0
Attack time: 1.5s
Attack range: 0.9


Level Damage per second Damage per attack Hit points Training cost Upgrade cost Upgrade time Training grounds level
1 133 200 30,000 45,000 - - -
2 147 221 36,300 50,000 20,000,000 9d 27
3 163 244 43,923 55,000 23,000,000 10d 27