Kingdom War Matchmaking (according to PerBlue)

Kingdom War Matchmaking is a fairly complicated system that relies heavily on a number of factors within the game. It can be easy to point to War match-ups as a reason for losses, but in the current system no match has a guaranteed outcome. Multiple improvements have been made to War Matchmaking to create a balanced system and, at this point, it will not be changed further.

Below is a list of things that do not affect Matchmaking (These factors CANNOT be used to claim matches are unfair).

DO NOT Affect Kingdom War Matchmaking:

  • Kingdom Glory
  • Any or All Kingdom Member Glory
  • Any or All Kingdom Member Town Center Levels
  • Kingdom Leagues (Being in the Big Diamond League does not mean a Kingdom is better at War)

Below is a list of things that do affect Matchmaking.

DO Affect Kingdom War Matchmaking:

  • Number of Kingdom Members (Purely for matching similar-sized Kingdoms)
  • Offensive Upgrades (War Camps, Research, Etc.) of Each Kingdom Member
  • Defensive Upgrades (Towers, Walls, Traps, Etc.) of Each Kingdom Member

Hearts in War: Hearts in War are given out as an additional way to balance match-ups on a more individual level. Extra Hearts are intentionally given out to allow specific players in the War to last longer in lieu of allies of similar offensive and defensive capabilities.

Final Note: It should be noted that Kingdoms are made up of numerous players across a varied range of levels and, because of this, match-ups should never be expected to be perfectly even. If your Kingdom has been matched with another Kingdom in War, it has found players within your Kingdom that have the Offensive and Defensive capability to challenge the players of the enemy Kingdom. It is always incorrect to claim War is mismatched by pointing to Glory, Leagues, or Town Center Levels. We have confirmed this after investigating a large number of situations where players incorrectly claimed they received unfair matches and will no longer investigate or assist in these or future cases.