This behemoth is so large a full scale battle could be waged on its back. It lumbars towards the town center causing damage as it walks and with its immense rock arms. It is able to walk over walls and due to its massive size. can't be stunned or controlled by most means and has a high impact shield that helps absorb high damage attacks.
  • The Colossus receives max of 200 damage per attack
  • It reduces damage by 10%, and by 20% at level 4
  • Damage while walking is half the damage per attack
    • The splash radius while walking is 2.5 tiles
  • Damage dealt upon death is 3x the damage per attack
  • After the town centre is destroyed, the colussus stops attacking


Barracks level: 29
Favorite target: Town Centre
Damage type: Melee
Targets: Ground
Housing space: 75
Category: Monster
Training time: 1h 40m
Movement speed: 6.25
Attack time: 2.5s
Attack range: 1.5
Splash radius: 2.5


Level Damage per second Damage per attack Hit points Damage reduction Training cost Upgrade cost Upgrade time Training grounds level
1 200 500 190,000 10% 200,000 - - -
2 220 551 230,000 10% 210,000 19,000,000 8d 25
3 243 607 278,000 10% 220,000 22,000,000 9d 25
4 267 669 337,000 20% 230,000 27,000,000 10d 26

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