Captain Ogey

Captain Ogey

At long last, this gruff Captain of the Orcs has finally arrived. The legends of Captain Ogey have been told in these lands since the beginning. He is a fierce warrior that gets stronger with every attack against him, and he's able to rally troops around him and give them a damage boost as well (only half as good as his own).
  • The rally range for the attack boosts is 13.0
  • The attack boost per hit taken is 20 damage points
  • The max attack boost gained this way is 200 damage points


Barracks level: 30
Favorite target: Any
Damage type: Melee
Targets: Ground
Housing space: 30
Category: Militia
Training time: 30m
Movement speed: 10.0
Attack time: 2.0s
Attack range: 0.9


Level Damage per second Damage per attack Hit points Training cost Upgrade cost Upgrade time Training grounds level
1 344 687 175,500 30,000 - - -
2 379 757 212,355 35,000 20,000,000 9d 26
3 418 835 256,950 40,000 23,000,000 10d 26